Who We Are

Our Values

Goal Focused

Everything we do is driven by clearly defined Goals to plan, measure and produce results. Goals create a common understanding of what’s important and where we focus our time, energy and resources. They are the scorecard that tells us if we are winning…or if we need to adjust our plans to achieve them.

Goals are also the foundation of what we call an Ownership Mentality, a powerful mindset that drives results for the company and the team. With an Ownership Mentality, we achieve superior results by out-thinking and out-hustling the competition.

Leaders with an Ownership Mentality are never satisfied. They are forward-looking and always looking for ways to improve their business as well as grow personally. They are constantly seeking out challenges, setting new goals and encouraging others to do the same.

Having an Ownership Mentality and staying goal focused is the GPS way to success.


Goals are our way of expressing how everyone takes personal accountability to achieve positive results. No excuses, no red tape, no passing the buck…just top performers delivering results in a positive and respectful way. We call it an Ownership Mentality because it’s a way of doing business that asks you to think like an owner in every decision you make.


Our culture rewards people who think like owners, not like hired hands. That doesn’t mean that we don’t follow processes, have rules and establish standards. It’s a mindset that guides us in how we run the business, hold ourselves accountable to hit the numbers while treating our employees and guests with respect, courtesy and hospitality.

Leaders with an Ownership Mentality understand what’s expected, stay focused on the goals and hold themselves accountable to deliver results. They embrace their job as if they own the business, regardless of their title or position. With an Ownership Mentality, we run lean and treat every action we take as if we own the business.

In everything we do, we set goals, create scorecards to measure progress and reward the team based on the results. We know where we are going and expect the team to all pull in the same direction to get there. And, when we do, we are rewarded.

We also expect our team to set individual goals to improve and grow as leaders. And, we will provide a clear roadmap to lead you to achieve personal and financial success, to learn how to stretch yourself to achieve your full potential.

Goals…whether as a company or as an individual…drive performance and results. That’s why goals are the cornerstone of the GPS Culture.

Our Values

People Oriented

We believe People are our greatest asset.

That’s why we create a fun and competitive culture where our People enjoy working hard, having fun, achieving results and earning rewards in a positive environment.

At GPS, People are not just a number. We are committed to being both a Results and People-Oriented company. That means we are all accountable not only for hitting our sales and profits objectives, but also for creating a positive environment where people are respected, encouraged and developed as leaders.

Bottom line, we want to assemble a team of high-performance leaders who are committed to developing themselves and their team while achieving our financial results.


Businesses in the hospitality industry make it or break it based on the strength of the people they hire, train and retain.

That’s why we are committed to our team’s ongoing personal growth and leadership development. Many of the leaders at GPS started in the restaurant business without a college education and have experienced firsthand how “on-the-job” training can translate into prosperous careers. And, they are committed to providing the same support and guidance to you.

We follow the Golden Rule and treat others as we want to be treated. We promote from within when possible based on performance, attitude and potential. We believe that people deserve to work in well-maintained restaurants and have all the tools necessary to do the job.

At GPS, we provide you with a clear picture of what we look for and expect from our team as well as the performance systems to coach and improve results.

That means your experience at GPS is an opportunity to learn, grow and achieve your goals for you and your family. You’ll not only have the opportunity to earn a competitive salary and bonus, but you will also acquire skills and leadership abilities that will last you a lifetime…no matter what opportunities you pursue.

The GPS People-Oriented Value creates an environment where People are challenged, coached, encouraged, rewarded, honored and respected as we work together to achieve positive results.

Simply put, GPS’ success is dependent upon your success!

Our Values

Service Obsessed

Everyone’s success starts with serving our guests. Everything we do is guided by satisfying our guests’ expectations.

A GPS restaurant stands apart from our peers and the competition because our guests prefer the people, the food and the experience that we provide. We are #1 on their list.


We are our guests’ favorite fast food destination. It’s that simple…to be our guests’ favorite… the one they prefer above all others.

Think about where you shop…a dry cleaner, a salon, a department store. Sure, the usual things influence you…location, price, selection.

But what makes you pick one from all the others? It’s the people!

The people at your favorite places know you by name. They treat you with respect. They care enough to hire and train people to meet your needs. Their store is clean and well maintained. You feel safe and welcomed. If something goes wrong, they make it right. You can tell they take great care and pride in serving you.

And, it’s not just the owner. Everyone treats you so well, it’s hard to tell who the owner is! It’s an unmistaken difference that we all can see, hear and feel when we choose our favorites.


Becoming our guests’ favorite takes a commitment and strong standards. It’s an everyday habit that we expect everyone to be accountable for. And, it’s how you will succeed, earn bonuses and achieve future success.

Our commitment to providing great service is what sets us apart from the competition. As a franchisee of BURGER KING®, Popeyes® and Pizza Hut®, we serve our guests with great tasting food and friendly service in clean and attractive restaurants. We are their favorite place to eat!

We take great personal pride in serving and meeting our guests’ expectations. For people on our support teams, we are equally committed to serve each other with excellence, speed and a positive attitude focused on common sense solutions. Everyone at GPS is Service Obsessed whether they work in the restaurants or in a support role.

Service Obsessed is a passion, a fire-in-the-belly, an all-consuming commitment that’s engrained in who we are. Our Service Obsession is not only to do things the right way, but to react with a sense of urgency to correct and make things right for our guests when we miss.

Service Obsessed is how we win!